Value-added cargo and cost-efficiency will keep the maritime sector competitive

Mary Carmen Barrios, Vice President of the Maritime Chamber and executive of the company Wallenius Wilhelmsen Roll on Roll off, said that “In times of crisis is when the country needs all its children,” said Barrios, who also aspires to the presidency of the Maritime Chamber of Panama, “In times of crisis is when the country needs all its children.

Barrios, who also aspires to the presidency of the Panama Maritime Chamber, said that “In times of crisis is when the country needs all its children. The leaders who are now at the forefront of the industry, as well as the authorities of the different countries are playing a crucial role in identifying the great opportunities for our countries to move forward,” said Barrios.

Panama is a leader in many aspects; it is a hub not only for containers, but also a “roll on roll off hub”, as well as a humanitarian hub that allows the mobilization of cargo to the entire continent and the entire world.

“We are a biosecurity corridor for the relief of crew members who need to get off the ships and be replaced by other personnel to avoid accidents on the high seas due to fatigue,” explains the expert.

We have many opportunities, the first is to diversify and provide added value to the captive cargo that is transiting through the Panama Canal. Also in terms of technology and digitalization there are many processes that can be more agile and cost efficient, using the tools available that allow greater traceability of cargo.

“In Panama we have a lot of operational experience, since we are always trying to ensure that the operation is carried out, in addition to this we are a training hub, by training here human resources from other countries in the region,” he explains.

We must achieve a “complete package” in which not only the prices are seen, but also the quality and safety standards that Panama offers.

“We have the opportunity to modernize processes to make cargo transit more agile. We must achieve the creation of a virtual platform in which all the institutions that are vital for the management of the maritime and logistics sector in general are present. If we manage to carry out several transactions at the same time with a single click, we will be extremely attractive to more ships around the world,” he says.

We aspire to continue our leadership as the logistics hub of the Americas and maintain our highly attractive offer for the international maritime sector, which will allow us to continue to be the favorite route,” said the executive.

Source: ANPanamá

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