Panama Pacífico companies guarantee supply chain continuity

Companies in Panama Pacifico continue with their production rhythm to guarantee the supply chain, through their logistics operation that involves the transportation of containers and the care of refrigerated equipment in ports and ships.

Panama Transshipmer Group PTG is one of the logistics operators dedicated to the transfer of containers and the handling of refrigerated equipment in port facilities and ships.

“We have not stopped our operations, for us everything continues normally. We are among those who contribute to keep the economy flowing,” says Gisel Mero, PTG’s Compliance Manager.

The company analyzes the operations to be carried out with the entities involved in the supply chain in the transfer, that is, the movement of containers from one port to another.

Mero explains that the containers are moved closed and during the transfer the company coordinates with shipping lines, terminals and port authorities, in addition to taking care of customs procedures and security controls.

In the case of refrigerated products it is different. The equipment does not leave the port facilities; the integrity of the cold chain is guaranteed on site or on the ships. This type of operation represents less than 2% of PTG’s activities.

The company has been operating for seven years, maintaining its operations center in Panama Pacifico, chosen for its location, a strategic point for this type of operation, allowing PTG to be close to the country’s two main ports.

PTG’s Compliance Manager adds that Panama Pacifico allows them to arrive in less time to meet clients’ needs, in addition to being a space that offers employees accessibility and strict security measures.

“Many of our transportation partners have their yards near the port, being here makes it easier for us to move and react in a timely manner,” says Mero.

For his part, the CEO of Panama Pacifico, Henry Kardonski said that they support the operations that maintain manufacturing and logistics companies in the area, linked to the supply chain of health, medical equipment, medicines and food vital in this contingency, so they go ahead, committed to the country and the world.

Source: ANPanamá

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