About Us

About Us

About Us

MULTIMODAL LOGISTICS CORP., is a company with more than 20 years in the market, which was born with the need to find a logistics operator responsible for the shipments. Our main mission is to provide a high quality service and satisfaction from origin to destination for all our customers.

We handle your imports and exports by air, sea, land and combined within and outside Panama to their final destination.

Our introduction to you is our highly qualified and trained staff, which has many years of experience in the handling of multimodal shipments. You will surely enjoy their 100% personalized treatment and above all, you will be reassured to know that your shipments are being handled by trained professionals in the field of logistics.


We are interested in the well-being and good service to our customers.


  • Sending of notifications and cargo tracking.
  • Password-protected access allows you to track your shipments.
  • From the Web you can place your orders and keep track of your inventories.
  • You can enter and track your existing invoices and statements.
  • On-line tracking to see your automatic status.

Company vision

To be recognized as the transportation and logistics company that offers the best service in the handling of your shipments, integrating all aspects of the logistics chain.

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Company Mission

To offer importers and exporters fast solutions in the handling and transportation of their cargo within the multimodal logistics services, guaranteeing punctuality and personalized attention in the handling of their shipments.

Competitive Advantages 100%
Reliability 100%
Quality Service 100%

We have a network of first class agents worldwide.

This allows us to guarantee an excellent coordination of your shipments, providing reliability, responsibility and high quality throughout our chain of logistics services.


Our main values

We know that responsibility, in this world of logistics, is an important value that all our employees practice every day.

All MLC employees are committed to meeting their work schedule and often go above and beyond when projects or deliveries are due.

All the company's collaborators are working in the same line of work, thanks to a positive and cordial atmosphere.

To be at the vanguard of technological changes by implementing new work tools.

Trained staff

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